To protect our history, our memory, our city and our bread and butter...


Anafartalar Bazaar is one of many buildings planned to be demolished within ‘Ulus Historic City Center Renovation Area Project’ which is one of the last waves of demolition and reconstruction practices. However this bazaar, with features such as being Turkey’s first bazaar with escalator, masterful usage of its time’s technological possibilities, embracing 22 artworks that were made by venerable Turkish artists and presence of artisans who continue the same shops over 50 years; has a privileged place in cultural, architectural, artistic and social terms.

Besides these, this film also focuses on the memory of the bazaar and thoughts of artisans and citizens on the destruction of the bazaar.


Ali Aslan

Artisan (since 1964)

Ali Bilgiç

2nd Gen. Artisan (since 1990)

Edip Kahraman

Artisan (since 1964)

Hikmet Şahin

Artisan (since 1965)

Mustafa Kara

2nd Gen. Artisan (since 1985)

İhsan İyiiş

Artisan (since 1998), Chairman (2016-2018)

İzzet Güçlü

Accountant (2012-2019)

Ali İhsan Uluhan

Technical Service Personnel (since 1990)

Ferhan Taylan Erder

Ceramic Artist

Orhan Taylan


Özgür Ceren Can

Ceramic Artist - Art Historian

Prof. Dr. Ali Cengizkan

TED University Dean of the Faculty of Architecture

Prof. Dr. Baykan Günay

TED University Head of the Department of City and Regional Planning

Prof. Dr. Funda Şenol Cantek

Ankara University Faculty of Communication Department of Journalism

Doç. Dr. Pelin Şahin Tekinalp

Hacettepe University Department of History of Art